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hot_braille's Journal

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this is a comm for anything and everything. you know, the stuff thats too boring and pointless to go in your own journal, the stuff that you think would make people yell at you in some other comm! well, not here. everything here is really stupid. nothing is too stupid. anything at all you want to say, come here and say it.

the modzzzz = gutter_dreams and kyliooo
we dont really care what you put, just that you put something every once in a while once youve joined. pics, rants, links of interest. promoting communities is a-ok with us, just keep it within the rulzzzzzz.

the rulzzzzzzz =
- no spamming (same post over and over and over)
- no hate
- no fighting extensively
- no racism / homophobia / other stereotyping and the like

yes, you know you want to join hot braille, so do it, damnit! and if youre a member, all we ask is that you tell others about this spifftastic comm!

once you join and introduce yourself by posting, you will get a free present for joining. what could it be? youll have to join to find out!

ps: for info on how this great comm was birthed, see here, and dont worry, you dont have to like the stuff we talk about in the comments to join!